Friday, July 3, 2009

Rainy Days in Cocoa

We stayed in Cocoa for a couple of extra gloomy, rainy days. The weather was really crappy, and the people were nice in this little touristy town, so we decided to stay put until the sunny weather returned.

We are not in a hurry at the moment anyway, as it's the 4th of July weekend and we are almost as far as St. Augustine. We'll be waiting there until at least Monday for our friend William to join us. Then Andy and William will do a run up the coast of 36 hours or so while Henry, Buddy, Charlie and I drive up to meet them. That will give Andy another opportunity to get some off shore experience with a more experienced sailor, and it will cut about 10 days off of our journey home.

The first rainy day in Cocoa was pretty dull. We hung around the boat and stayed dry. It was the first time I'd suffered anything near boredom on this trip. Day two we ventured out. Almost immediately after going ashore we were caught in a torrential downpour. We sought shelter under a tree in the park. We were staying reasonably dry, but Andy was convinced that another tree in the park looked fuller and would keep us dryer. We made a run for it, and got drenched!! The other tree was bigger, but the rain poured right through its foliage! We ran as fast as we could to a nearby pizza parlour, but you know Florida's rain. We were soaked to the bone! Poor Henry has never been so wet in his life!

I try to be prepared when we go out, and I had a change of clothes in Henry's diaper bag, so he got to sit in a high chair nice and dry and laugh at his wet parents! Oh well, we didn't melt. After lunch we strolled through the little shops in town and picked up a couple of size 18month shirts for Henry (he shouldn't outgrow those too quickly!).

We ended our outing with a walk in the park. Henry rode his first swing! He had a wonderful time and I took a billion pictures! Thank goodness for digital cameras. He also rode the slide, but was not impressed.

It was a great family day, and we feel refreshed for the next leg of our journey.

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