Friday, July 24, 2009

On to Oriental

We've heard great things about a little town called Oriental, North Carolina, so being that it was a suitable distance of 47 miles we motored the ICW to Oriental.

We got a really early start as I woke this morning to the anchor alarm on the GPS! For the first time ever, our anchor dragged. We woke up too close for comfort to the only other boat in the anchorage. So, since we were up, and already moving! we headed out at 6:15am.

I really noticed again today that the terrain has really changed. It is much less tropical here, and is starting to look more like home. There are still dolphins in the ICW though, and we saw three of them playing today. One took an incredible leap in the air! It was quite a sight, but unfortunately we didn't catch it on camera.

A storm was rolling in just as we pulled up to the free dock in Oriental. We very desperately need to do laundry, and wouldn't you know it, there is no laundromat in this little town! We had a nice chat with one of the locals, who recommended the various sites to see, and told us that the grocery store is a mile away, but the locals will stop and pick up anyone they see walking with groceries.

Andy, being the resourceful guy that he is, went next door to the marina and asked about using their laundry facilities. They let us use their one washer and one dryer for the $1.75 per load without an extra fee. Our six or seven loads will take awhile, but at least we'll get it done, and we don't even need to dinghy ashore!

As I write this post, Henry, Buddy and Charlie are napping, Andy is off to the grocery store, and I'm waiting to put the third load in the washing machine. Life is good.

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