Friday, July 31, 2009

Northern Norfolk/Little Creek

We were hoping to leave tonight to do our 48 hour trip, but the favourable weather window has shifted by one day, and is supposed to begin on Saturday. Tonight there is another 'small craft advisory' in effect. Well, we all know what that means!! So, we are staying put for another day.

Today was interesting. Andy had a long list of tasks to accomplish, as is his way, so he worked away at things all day. One of his tasks was to clean the bottom of the boat. He borrowed tanks and equipment from a gentleman on a neighbouring boat. Unfortunately no one told us that the Chesapeake is full of jelly fish!! On his first dive he got a sting on his side. It hurt a lot, but he was able to shake it off, as Andy does so well. He finished cleaning the boat, and found that the prop needed a washer and pin. We all took a nice walk the few blocks to the shopping mall in search of the parts and some charts.

The shopping trip was mostly unsuccessful as the local West Marine was understocked on all of the above. We did manage, however, to find replacement batteries for my electronic Sea Band, which I'm sure I'll probably need on our 48 hour voyage!

We grabbed lunch while we were out, where Henry enjoyed a taste of McDonald's soft serve ice cream. That may be what prevented him from falling asleep when his next nap time rolled around!

Andy managed to get the prop parts at a small shop next to the marina, and dove again on the boat. Well, the first jelly fish must have called in his big brother, because this time Andy got stung all the way up his back and around his shoulder! Ouch!!

After a little doctoring he returned to his tasks and managed to reinstall our freshly rebuilt injectors and replace the cable to our radio! What a trooper. By the time I tried to take a picture of the nasty red marks they had all but disappeared!

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