Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cocoa Beach to New Smyrna Beach

Well, we finally left Cocoa and ventured on. We planned today to do a long trip to Daytona Beach. Everything was going well, we were enjoying our day on the water. Unfortunately things don't always go as planned. In New Smyrna Beach we came across a bridge that was having trouble, and had been unable to open for over two hours. Apparently the engineers were hard at work trying to correct the problem, so we waited...and waited...and waited. After more than an hour of idling in front of the bridge we decided we were meant to stay in New Smyrna.

We tied up to their free dock, alongside a lovely park. We have never met so many friendly people!!!!!! Everyone and their brother stopped by to say hello, where you from, where you going, how old is the baby, I've been to Canada... We talked to them all, and finally had to go below deck to get some rest!

The dogs enjoyed the park, and we enjoyed take-out from the local restaurant. I was glad to be tied up to a dock, as the weather got quite nasty for awhile. I guess we were meant to stay in New Smyrna. I would highly recommend a visit there, if only for the sweet townspeople.

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