Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dismal Swamp is Anything But!

We had a wonderful day today. We travelled up the 'Dismal Swamp' from Elizabeth City to just south of Norfolk, Virginia. The Dismal Swamp is a narrow canal through a very heavily forested area. There was not another boat to be seen and we passed a house or two every 5-10 miles. It was very serene. My kind of scenery!

As you can see in the picture, Henry has started helping Daddy with the lines!

We traversed our first lock today. It was uneventful, as the canal is really quiet this time of year, and we were the only boat in the lock.

It was the kind of day when you wish time would just slow down so that you can savour it a little longer. Good for the soul.

We arrived at a free dock just south of the second lock in the canal. There was a grocery store across the street, so we were able to pick up a few provisions without the usual problem of how to get there and back. It was also nice to enjoy an hour or so of air conditioning. It had turned into a very hot, humid, breezeless day.

The English couple, Ron and Julie, from Elizabeth City docked behind us. We got to know them a little better, and had them join us for Fajitas for dinner.

Henry had a difficult day, and an even worse night. Those top teeth are giving him a lot of trouble. He's also sticking his fingers in the back of his mouth, could he be working on a molar?!? I hope not, the poor kid has cut six teeth already!

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