Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Little Fireman

Hallowe'en was much anticipated at our place. We have started preparing Henry for upcoming events by talking about them a lot ahead of time. This seems to work well for everything from having a babysitter to taking the train to Nana and Poppa's house. Hallowe'en was no exception.

I asked him a couple of weeks ahead of time if he would like to be a fireman for Hallowe'en. He agreed whole heartedly! My inspiration was his love of firetrucks and the fireman raincoat he already had hanging in his closet.

As the big day approached I got Henry a fireman's helmet and pumpkin bucket to carry. We taught him how to say 'trick-or-treat' (which came out 'ko-keat') and told him about costumes and candy. He could hardly wait!

On the big day I put electrical tape around his yellow rubber boots to make them into fireman's boots, found a pair of pants to match the coat, and smudged some mascara soot on his nose and cheeks. He looked perfect!

We had dinner at Whit and Ally's place and trick-or-treated on Ward's Island. There is no better place to cars, plenty of houses decorated for the occasion, and everyone knows everyone. Perfect. Henry had a great time, and didn't even fall asleep on the way like he did last year!!

It's amazing how all of the holidays come alive for you again when you have a little kid seeing it afresh. What fun!