Monday, July 6, 2009

Daytona to St. Augustine

We had a much better day today. No more mishaps. We got away around 9:00am and motored the ICW from Daytona to St. Augustine. The traffic in the ICW around Daytona on the 4th of July was a little much, but the wakes quieted down once we got further along into a more rural area. The scenery in this part of the ICW is a lot different than Fort Lauderdale! Much more untouched nature and much humbler houses.

We had a long day of travel, but it went quite well, so the time flew by. We arrived at the anchorage in St. Augustine around 6:00pm. We got anchored, Andy took the dogs ashore for a walk, we got Henry off to bed, and then settled into the cockpit to watch the Independence Day fireworks. There were plenty of private parties along the shoreline giving us a show before the main event. People lined the shoreline and the bridge by the hundreds.

The fireworks display was phenomenal! They really know how to put on a show! We were amazed that Henry slept through that much noise. We are hoping to see a bit of "historic St. Augustine" before we move on again.

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  1. I am so impressed with the three of you, so glad you share "the good bad and ugly" what great sailors and live aboards you are!!!! Keep enjoying and laughing these will be some of your best memories in years to and prayers POJ