Friday, July 24, 2009

A Quick Trip in the ICW

We are really picking up some momentum lately. Not wanting to lose steam we travelled again the day after our overnighter to Southport. This trip was in the ICW as the distance was shorter than going out in the Atlantic. We motor-sailed to Wrightsville Beach. The distance was really quite short, and we anchored before noon. That gave us the rest of the day to relax, walk the dogs, and then head ashore to find dinner and groceries.

Wrightsville Beach is a very touristy place. "The Loop" as the locals call it is a few streets near the anchorage that houses several restaurants, a few ice cream parlours, and some beach wear shops.

We ate at the sports bar, and were very disappointed to find that they allowed smoking in the restaurant. Once the table beside us lit up we headed outside to their little patio to eat in the fresh air. The food was not bad and the price was right. There was a little grocery store next to the sports bar. After picking up a few essentials we went for ice cream before making our way back to the boat. Henry has become a huge ice cream fan, and was eyeing up both of our cones to be sure he got his fair share!

Patrick and Bessie finally caught up with us here. They took 45 hours to do what we did in 28! I'm glad we didn't wait for them, but we were really glad to see them, we were starting to worry.

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