Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overnight to Southport

We decided to take a different approach to our second overnight voyage. Since we had so much trouble at Henry's bedtime on the last trip, we decided to put him to bed and then head out.

I took a Dramamine and Henry, Buddy, Charlie and I went to bed in the aft cabin as Andy took us out to sea. We started our journey with our new friends Patrick and Bessie. Unfortunately Bessie was a little nervous and they turned back, only to change their minds and venture out again. By that time we had gained a lot of distance on them and being a faster boat we left them behind.

Andy motor-sailed through the night, taking half hour naps and getting up to check the horizon for hazards, storms, and other boats.

Andy doesn't see too many sunrises, so he captured this one on film. Very peaceful.

The rest of us slept until 7:00am. We got up, had breakfast with Andy, and then Andy went to sleep when Henry took his first nap around 8:30am. Henry and I were able to manage for the next six hours while Andy slept. It worked out really well.

We arrived safely in Southport around 8:00pm. Buddy and Charlie were looking pretty eagerly at the shoreline! I think they really needed a walk after 22 hours! We docked for the night at the marina. We felt quite elated that our journey was such a success!! With the dogs walked and pizza in our tummies we settled in for a well deserved good night's sleep.

I have noticed that as we head north the terrain is changing. It's quite obvious now that we are not in Florida anymore! The foliage is different, the shoreline is different, the architecture is different, and the water is colder! I am beginning to get very excited about getting home. It won't be long now, especially since we're becoming more seasoned sailors and are more and more willing and able to do these overnight trips out in the Atlantic. We're having a great time!

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