Monday, July 27, 2009

Elizabeth City

The huge expanse of water called a 'river' on this trip was ridiculous! We were pretty much in the Atlantic with a tiny barrier for the wind. It was a wild sail across the large expanse of water from the Alligator River canal to Elizabeth City.

We arrived at the free dock in Elizabeth City around 3:00pm. The locals were even more welcoming than the 'Welcome' flags that waved all along the shoreline. One gentleman took our lines, another presented me with a rose, and all were incredibly friendly and seemed very happy to see us!

We were one of six boats. Two of the others were the ones anchored with us at Bear Point the previous night. We had read in the Skipper Bob book that if there were more than four boats we would be entertained with a wine and cheese reception. Unfortunately the people responsible for this bit of hospitality had passed away.

Andy, Henry and I ventured out in search of dinner, and found ourselves at a buffet a short walk from the shoreline. The food was mediocre, but it beats cooking!

On the way from Bear Point we had sprung a leak from the engine and water started pooling on the cabin floor, and so our aim while in Elizabeth City was to get a rebuild kit for the raw water pump and repair the engine. Andy made some calls and found that the nearest place to get a rebuild kit was in the next town 35 miles away! Ever resourceful, Andy made a sign that read 'Edenton 4 parts, cruising' and set out to hitchhike.

Andy was picked up and driven half way by one driver, and the second one who picked him up was a young man, down on his luck. Andy offered him gas money if he would drive him there and back. It worked out quite well for both parties, and Andy returned with two rebuild kits, one spare just in case.

While Andy was off on his adventures, Henry and I walked around the harbour front area shops. We got a few essentials at a discount store, bought Henry a couple of new books, and got the best raspberry danish I've ever tasted in my life!! The friendliness of the local Elizabeth City folk continued. We had quite an enjoyable day. Andy, not as much.

After a couple hours of hard work Andy had the engine back in tip-top shape and we were ready to go again for morning.

We chatted with the couples on the two other boats who had spent the night at Bear Point with us. They were both very nice, one from England and the other from Sweden. Very experienced cruisers. The Swedish couple had made the trip across the Atlantic twice! It's amazing the people that you meet.

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