Monday, June 29, 2009

On to Cocoa Beach

We decided to make up some time after spending the extra night in Vero Beach. Leaving at 8:00am we put in a long day, covering 57 miles in eight and a half hours. It was a nice day on the ICW, with a steady 12 knot wind that gusted up to 21 knots. The wind kept us cool, and the gusts added interest to the motor sailing.

We checked out the Skipper Bob book and decided on Cocoa as our next stop. We anchored in amongst about 20 other boats. I volunteered to go ashore to forage for the few provisions we forgot to get at Walmart. I took the dinghy ashore and was met at the dock by a gentleman who took my line and tied it off. When I asked him how far it was to the Publix he told me it was too far to walk and offered me a ride, assuring me that he lived on his boat and had five daughters of his own. My mom would not be a happy camper if she new, but I accepted his offer. He had an honest face. The gentleman was named Ernie, and was incredibly friendly and helpful. After our Publix run he drove me down the main street of Cocoa so I could see the little touristy shops. He even offered that Andy could borrow his van the next day to go to the West Marine.

We stayed on in Cocoa an extra day so that Andy could exchange our inverter (we blew another one!) and I could go to all of the little shops Ernie showed me the day before. Henry and I had a wonderful time shopping, me getting a book to read, and Henry getting a new toy in their little educational toy shop. We stopped for refreshments at the little Cookie Shop, and ended our stroll walking through the beautiful park on the waterfront. Henry slept in his stroller for the last bit. He is such an easy going baby!!

Ernie and another sailor named Cliff joined us on our boat for dinner. Andy barbecued, and we listened to tales from both the experienced older sailor and the 21 year old novice. It was a very enjoyable evening. Now I'm tuckered out and headed off to bed. It's almost midnight and Henry has been getting me up between 6:30 and 7:00am lately! I think we'll probably be getting a late start tomorrow, and will only go 20 miles or so to Titusville.

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