Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From Lake Sylvia to Lantana

June 23rd - We got a very late start, as a thunderstorm started around 4:00am and continued into the late morning. We didn't want to head out in bad weather, so we waited until it let up and headed out around 11:00am. The plan had been to head to Lake Worth, but with the late start we wanted a shorter route, so our wonderful route advisor William recommended we anchor at Lantana instead.

The weather was overcast all day, with intermittent rain and some gusts up to 15 knots. We motored in the ICW, and were glad of the opportunity to get some miles under our keel despite the lousy weather.

The houses and yachts along this part of the ICW really are a sight to behold. The wealth is staggering.

Henry's bloodshot eyes seem to be improving. I'm very relieved.

We arrived at Lantana around 6:00pm and had to call William to be sure we were in the right place, as the anchorage just looked like we veered out of the lane and dropped anchor. It was indeed the right place, and so we settled in and enjoyed the coolest breeze of the trip thus far.We got a wonderful taste of the more temperate climates to come! We slept like babies.

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