Monday, June 22, 2009

Several days in Marathon, then off to sea again...

We ended up spending five nights in Marathon. Andy was finally able to solve the elusive, ongoing engine trouble! With the help of a local named Doug, Andy was able to diagnose the engine trouble as an electrical problem. We were not getting 12Volts to the fuel pump, and so the engine was running on two cylinders. Andy replaced a wire, and Hooray! Our engine is now running flawlessly!

We rented a car for a day to run all of our errands. We got provisions, did laundry, bought fuel filters, and of course...went to the West Marine. Once all of our work was done we had a day of fun. We motored out to a reef. It was beautiful! Andy went scuba diving on the reef, and I snorkelled. The marine life is incredible!! I've never seen so many fish in one place, and so colourful!! I watched two divers chasing a sting ray right under me! What an experience!!

Wrapping up our week in Marathon, we set off on Saturday, June 20th for Rodriquez Key. We motored, as their has still been very little wind. We had a good day, gaining experience as we went through a squall just before we arrived at Rodriquez Key. It is really amazing the way a storm front looks as you approach it on the water. Andy has gotten the routine down pat, preparing us for weather quickly and efficiently long before we get into the storm. We were very calm and low key when the rain started, and Andy quite enjoyed the whole experience, yelling, "Oh yeah! Clean my boat!!!". By the time we anchored on the north east side of the island the weather had passed, and we had a lovely calm evening. The stars were amazing, unpoluted by city lights. Andy was unable to find any beach to take the dogs ashore, so once again they went over 30 hours without relieving themselves. What troopers!

June 21st we motored from Rodriquez Key to No Name Harbor. We have gotten a late start for two days. Leaving at noon from Marathon, and 11:00am today. We need to get back into the swing of things and start getting up early to avoid these late day thunderstorms. We had an uneventful day at sea again today, and then passed through a heavy squall just before reaching our destination. The winds blew over 20 knots, and there was lightning flashing all around us. Again, preparedness was key, and we motored through the storm without a problem. No Name Harbor was really, really small. We paid our $15 for the night, and Andy walked the dogs in the State Park. There was a restaurant in the Harbor, so we treated ourselves to take-out. Andy met the three Englishmen on the next sailboat, and visited them for a beer or two while I relaxed in front of the TV. Henry continues to take it all in stride, although I am a bit concerned as he is suffering from numerous bug bites and has had bloodshot eyes for the last two days. I am thinking his eyes are probably irritated from the sun, wind and salt water. We will have to keep an eye on him and will take him to the doctor if it doesn't improve with some care to shelter him from the elements.

June 22nd - Today we were finally able to put up the sails and take advantage of some stronger winds!! The wind was a consistent 15 knots from the west. It was a lovely day. The breeze kept us comfortable despite the record temperatures of 99F!!!!!!! We pulled into the harbor at Fort Lauderdale around 3:00pm. The estates surrounding the waterways are unbelievable!! Lifestyles of the rich and famous! Andy and I agreed that even if we had that kind of money, we would never buy into that kind of lifestyle. It's amazing the amount of excess! We are anchored tonight in Lake Sylvia. I wouldn't really call it a lake...Andy said it is someone's pond that they let others build houses around. It really is small. The record heat is much more evident now that we've stopped. Henry's eyes have looked much better all day, and his bites are improving. I am still concerned, but will keep a watch on him for another day before rushing off to the doctor.


  1. So glad that you started this blog! Can't wait to follow you guys along your journey, Henry looks like he is really enjoying himself!

  2. Thanks! It was Judy who suggested we start a blog. I'm so glad she did. Thanks for taking a look. :) I hope you find it of interest.