Monday, June 29, 2009

Vero Beach day two...and three

Our provisioning in Vero Beach was a bust. We had been told about the free bus service, which sounded like a great way to get our shopping done. Unfortunately the Walmart it took us to was in the process of depleting their stock to close and make room for a new store. It was the crappiest little Walmart we'd ever been in. It was so crappy we decided to scrap the whole shopping expedition and try again at the next port. We rode the bus home in a typical Florida downpour, and waited out the rain talking to the locals at the marina before dinghying back to the boat.

Andy was able to get in touch with his cousin Jeff who lives in Vero Beach that evening. Jeff seemed quite excited to hear from him, and offered for our whole family, dogs included, to spend the day with him and his wife Laurie on Saturday. He said they'd take us to a better Walmart, and even offered for us to use their laundry machines.

We had a wonderful day with Jeff and Laurie. They were really great with the dogs and enjoyed having a baby in the house. We all went off to the Walmart, which was much better than the other store! Jeff and Laurie fed us a lovely steak dinner, and then we watched the rocket launch, first on TV, then we all ran outside to see if we could see it streak through the sky. Laurie saw it briefly, but there was too much cloud cover, and Andy and I missed it. :( All in all we had a super day, and went back to the boat with clean clothes and a fully stocked galley. Thanks Laurie and Jeff!

We spent one last night in Vero Beach, fueled up and filled the water tanks in the morning, and were off again.

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