Monday, August 24, 2009

Now What?

Here we are. We’ve travelled over 2000 miles from the west coast of Florida, all the way to Toronto. We arrived yesterday at our yacht club, QCYC. Most of the members are away this weekend, so our return felt a little anti-climactic.

This morning I found myself feeling a little out of sorts. Andy has a long list of things he wants to accomplish while we’re here, and has jumped head first into his many tasks. Me, I have found myself wondering, ‘now what?’ I’ve forgotten how to lead an ordinary life.

While Andy is off searching our locker for wood to build doors in the companionway, and Henry is napping in the aft cabin, I’ve been contemplating this feeling. I have been very, very busy since I quit working. Last summer we were very busy in preparation for our trip. Then we headed off to Florida, and I had purpose on the boat, knitting baby clothes, helping Andy in the ‘boat work’, and looking after my ever expanding, pregnant self. When we returned to Toronto in November I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, and between nesting and resting, my days were full. Then we had a new baby. Enough said. When we moved back aboard in early April, Henry was still less than three months old and filled my every moment. Then we started travelling, and there was always something to be done.

Now that we are going to be in one place for a little while I think I need to relax and just be.
Henry and I can go for walks, visit people, go to the library, whatever. It will be nice to have some quiet time with my growing son.

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