Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cape May to Atlantic City, New Jersey

We were undecided whether to make the remainder of the trip to Sandy Hook in one jump or split it up. One trip would mean another overnight. Our decision was made be the fact that we realized we were pretty much out of formula for Henry, and Sandy Hook, from what we've heard, is just an anchorage, no shopping available. And so we decided to break the last leg into two days and go as far as Atlantic City today.

We had a pretty good trip to Atlantic City, although I was feeling quite 'under the weather'. I'm not sure if it was just residual exhaustion and nausea from the day before, or if I was fighting a virus. Either way, I'm glad we decided to split up the trip.

We arrived in Atlantic City and searched for an anchorage, to no avail. We ended up docking for the night at the public docks in front of some restaurants and an aquarium. The fee for overnight here was $1.50/ft. instead of the $4.00/ft at the local marina!!

Once we were settled in we ventured out on the local bus in search of a grocery store to pick up the much needed formula. Atlantic City was not at all what we expected! Andy was expecting a little version of Las Vegas, since he'd heard about their casinos. What we found couldn't be further from it! Atlantic City was a run down, impoverished city with what the bus driver reported as a very high crime rate. She said that young people there were lucky to see 20 years old without being shot!

We made our outing a quick one, buying our supplies in a little spanish grocery store, and bussing it back to the waterfront asap. The touristy waterfront area was quite a departure from the rest of the city. We got ice cream at a little shop on the water and called that dinner. Big mistake, since the sugar in the ice cream had Henry up and down like a yo-yo all night...and he had a proper dinner too!

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