Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New York Minute...

Well, today we spent an afternoon in New York. I had some preconceived notions about what to expect. Mostly from what you see in the movies. Wrong!

Andy had to do some work on the dinghy engine before we could head ashore, so we didn't get there until about 4:30pm. It was a Sunday afternoon, not too busy, right? Wrong again!

Our walk through the riverside park was lovely, and then we headed up 79th Street to Broadway. The buildings on 79th were old and grand. The incline was really steep, it reminded me of what I imagine San Fransisco might be like. So, after a vigorous walk pushing Henry in his stroller we arrived on Broadway. (No we didn't sing or dance!)

Broadway was bustling!! Their are a lot of people in New York, and it felt like they were all out and about. Andy wanted to try some New York pizza, so we ate at a little whole in the wall called Nick's Pizza and Burgers. We were uninspired by the food, but found the experience gave us plenty to talk about, between the odd and diverse menu and the equally odd and diverse clientelle!

After dinner we went out in search of a grocery store so we could buy a few provisions. On the way we found a little street vendor (her and her shop!), and I found a lovely sundress. It felt odd to put it on over my clothes and peer into the mirror she had set up on the sidewalk, but I got a pretty good idea of how it would look despite the fact that her mirror was like those funhouse mirrors that make you look really tall and thin! I wonder if all of her patrons notice...I bet she sells a lot of dresses!

We asked around and went to the market that was most often recommended. What an experience! It was like nothing we had ever experienced before. Picture a store the size of two 7-Elevens, with isles the width of a sidewalk, piled floor to ceiling with stock. Then picture it jam packed with rude people in a hurry. Yikes! Talk about frazzling!! Andy dove right in and got the job done. I hated every second of it, I would have been happier having a root canal!!

Initially I had wanted to visit Central Park, but the sky looked ominous, and after the hectic pace of the market we were more than ready to return to the serenity of our boat.

On the walk back we ran into an English family that were moored behind us. Andy had made their aquaintance earlier, and so we fell into step with them for the rest of the walk. They are living aboard and cruising with two boys aged two and four. Yikes! These boys had energy to spare! After visiting with them for a half hour Andy and I had made up our minds that Henry was to be an only child.

New York may make a better impression on us the next time around, who knows, maybe nicer weather and a different agenda for our trip ashore would make a difference. This time, lets just say that a New York Minute was enough for me.

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