Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything Happens for a Reason

Our adventures last night were interesting, to say the least. Andy and I always try to think positive, and figure that everything happens for a reason. That is our tactic for not getting discouraged when things go wrong. Usually in hindsight you can find the good that came out of the bad stuff. This was certainly the case today.
We usually head out fairly early in the day. Due to our mishaps we didn't head out until 11:00am. Good thing! As I'm sure everyone has heard on the news, there was a mid-air collision of a helicopter and airplane over the Hudson River at 11:50am. We could very well have been under it, had we not been delayed!!

We sailed through New York Harbour. It was a wonderful opportunity to shut off the engine and enjoy the experience. I've always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, especially from the water. I have to say, though, that the experience was much less awe inspiring than I had hoped. She looked so small!! In fact, the New York skyline was a little anti climactic. I'm sure it was a greater sight before the World Trade Center fell. Sad, really.
As you can see by the pictures, Henry wasn't impressed either. ;)
By late afternoon the Coast Guard had reopened the east side Hudson River to boat traffic, so after fueling up we started up the river towards the 79th Street Boat Basin. It was very sad to see the recovery crews across from pier 40 searching for wreckage and bodies from the crash.
We heard a radio transmission on our way up the river about a boat in distress. As we approached the Enterprise aircraft carrier we spotted the distressed vessel...a small power boat with five fisherman rowing feebly towards shore in the strong Hudson River current. Well, our good boyscout Andy could not pass them by, so with the towing experienced he gained helping out on the Robbins at QCYC, we tied them on Sassy II's hip and towed them to safety.
We moored in the 79th street boat basin, and were discouraged to find that their was absolutely no shelter from wind or wakes! We might as well have been anchored in a shipping channel in the middle of the Atlantic! Talk about rocking to sleep!! Oh well, what can you ask for $30 per night in New York!
With the atmospheric changes, I guess a combination of being further north and having a storm front move in, I had a terrible headache. I went straight to bed at 8:00pm, and Andy took over baby care for the rest of the night. Thanks Andy!

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