Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Taste of Autumn

Just a taste of thanks, I've had enough! Brrrr!!!!!! We've been back in Canada for a week. Now we know what everyone has been complaining about with the weather. This isn't summer! So much for Global Warming!

This week was quite busy. Andy's sister Rebecca came to stay on our old boat and visit for three days. It was great to see her and the kids. Marissa and Caleb are always full of energy. They helped me to entertain Henry!

Thank goodness they were here. We are med-moored right now. That means that we're nose into the dock and have to climb over the bow sprits to get off. I'm not able to do so safely with Henry in my arms, so when Andy is going to be out for the day I'm either out too or stranded on the boat. Not an ideal situation! Rebecca helped me a lot, and gave me the freedom to come and go. Once, though, when they were on our boat visiting I decided it would be a good opportunity to walk the dogs. I had just climbed onto the dock box with Buddy under my arm and stepped down onto the little (broken) step stool on the dock when the piece of wood covering the split in the stool slid off. I slid off too!! Right into the lines between the dock and the boat! It would have been much easier if I had just hit the water. As it was I was suspended with my butt in the water and lines strung under my arms and knees. You should see the bruises!!! Ouch! And of course, poor old Buddy, the cowardly lion, ended up in the drink! What a day! Rebecca had to come and yank my sorry butt back onto the dock. We travelled over 2000 miles and my first fall was at my home port!

Today Henry and I ventured into the city to get some supplies. Andy was sick...stomach flu or bad pizza? We wanted to let him sleep, and Henry was out of formula. We had been to the doctor's office earlier in the week for our check-ups, and feeling guilty about how I answered the question, "do you exercise?" I decided to walk instead of taking the TTC (public transit). It was a good day. We walked to the Eaton's Centre, up to Dundas, over to Peter St. and back down to the ferry. Probably six miles in total, but it doesn't seem nearly as far when you're not in the Florida heat! I couldn't believe, though, how hard it was to find baby formula in downtown Toronto! I went to three pharmacies and three grocery stores with no luck! Finally I gave up. Henry has one bottle left for tomorrow morning, we'll have to go to the Loblaws before lunchtime.

Our little Henry is growing up so fast! He is such a joy to be with. Today he babbled up a storm, it is starting to sound like he is speaking complete sentences in a foreign language! His motor skills are improving too. He gets around really well, between crawling and cruising, and has started to feed himself finger foods! I'm a very proud Mama!

I am eager to take my camera into the city the next time we go so that we will have some Toronto pictures for our friends down south. Andy forgot the camera SD chip in his sister's car, I guess I'll have to pick up a new one, as I'm suffering from photo withdrawal!

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