Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunshine, Dentists, and a Weight Loss Challenge!

Well, obviously I didn't keep up with my promise to write daily!! I'm afraid it's just not going to happen. Oh well, this way I have more to tell!

Since I wrote last, we have had absolutely wonderful weather!! Most of the time, anyway. There were a few rainy, windy miserable days a couple of weeks ago that drove me off of the boat. I was fighting pretty hard to keep the sea sickness at bay, and finally gave in and made a trip to Peterborough. It's amazing what a week on solid ground will do to renew your enthusiasm for boat living.

Our week in Peterborough was lovely. Two days after Henry and I arrived the blue skies returned.

We had a wonderful visit with my brother Dave and his girlfriend Crystal. They are always a lot of fun to be with. Crystal and I decided to make a friendly wager. We both want to lose a couple of inches, and my New Years Resolution to lose those very inches resulted in a weight gain of three pounds!! So Crystal and I have challenged each other to lose an inch around our waists by April 15th, and a second inch by May 15th. An inch per month. Sounds do-able, right? Well, I think it's just the push I needed. I have been such a good girl about it since! We made this pact on March 15th, and here I am 10 days later having done daily abdominal exercises, walked a lot, and skipped all desserts!! I am determined. If I lose this challenge I have to buy Crystal drinks when we go for a girl's night the weekend after April 15th. Wish me luck!

I almost never floss. I worked in the dental industry for over ten years. I know I should, but like the majority of the population I just don't. For some reason I felt inspired last Saturday and got out the floss...and out popped a filling! Oops! So off to the dentist I went on Wednesday. Henry and I had a nice visit with everyone at the office. It's always great to see them again. Nia, our sweet surrogate Mom, even gave Henry an early Easter present, a lovely stuffed bunny! He just adores it, we've named it Peter Rabbit. Luckily Peter Rabbit helped to console Henry after my filling. He cried hysterically the whole time I was in the chair! I think he was afraid that his Momma was getting hurt. What a sweet boy!

That sweet boy continues to amaze me. He is so clever!! Henry is trying with all his might to repeat words now. He can't quite get them right yet, but he is doing really well. He can now consistently say apple, mom, car, arf, off, up, ouch, oops, hot, yes, ball, clock, and vroom. Today I told him I was going to call Poppa on the phone and he said, "Poppa" as clear as day! It is so cool to see him learning so fast. You can almost see the wheels turning. He understands instructions, and nods his head yes or shakes it for no, and he knows what he wants. He's very, very smart. I'm so proud of him.

I did a major Mom oops yesterday. We went for my dentist appointment in the morning, and I hadn't planned my day any further than that, so I packed accordingly. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday that I decided to take Henry for a walk in his stroller after the appointment. As we walked I thought I'd like some adult company, so I called Kim who stays home with Sarah, her three month old baby. We walked to Kim's house in the Distillery District and then Kim and Sarah joined us for a walk back to the Eaton's Centre. We shopped, talked, and had a wonderful day. Unfortunately I had come equipped with only one diaper. I changed Henry in his stroller at the park just before we met up with Kim. While we were shopping he stinkied his diaper again. Oh no! I couldn't leave him in it, but I was ill-equipped! So what did I do? Much to Henry's dismay I changed him...and put on one of Sarah's diapers. Size one! He wears a five!! It just barely wrapped around his thighs! Oh well, lesson learned, and believe it or not it did the job. We are going for a day long outing this Saturday to Elmira for the Maple Syrop Festival, and believe me I'm going to pack like a champ!!

I have had quite a social life lately. It's been great! Tuesday night I went to a Toronto Maple Leafs game! I haven't been to a hockey game for about seven years. (Except my nephew Nathan's games, but watching eleven year olds isn't quite the same thing) Andy and his Dad, John were given great tickets. Andy didn't want to go, he doesn't really enjoy it. Lucky for me! I had a great time. Andy hung out with Henry for the evening and John and I made a night of it. We were sitting right behind the Leafs' bench, just two rows back!! It crossed my mind, though, while I was sitting there that you can sure spot the mother of a toddler! I hadn't noticed that I had mashed potato on my pants, and I was yawning up a storm by 9:30! Ce la vie!

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