Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Daily blogging has not been going too well, as you know. Part of the problem is finding the time, and part of the problem is finding something to talk about!

As I sit here typing now we are experiencing the first full day of spring rain. It's pouring out there, and the boat is rocking and rolling all over the place! A couple of hours ago I gave in and took a Gravol as the sea sickness was starting to get the better of me. I'm feeling much better now, and Henry has just been rocked to sleep by the wild weather.

Speaking of weather, this past week has been phenomenal!! We have had sunshine and warmth all day, every day. It's a shame to stay inside in such glorious weather, so Henry and I partook of the sunshine and walked, walked, walked! We took trips to the park, downtown and just up and down the street to enjoy that sunshine. Henry loves to walk on his own two feet, and giggles as he goes. He says Arf at passing dogs, and does a great imitation of a fire engine's siren! He's great fun.

Henry is growing so quickly! Every day when I get him dressed it is hit or miss whether the outfit I pick will still fit him! We just bought him some new shoes, as his toes had gotten pretty crowded in the old ones. He's starting to look so much more like a boy than a baby!! It's truly amazing watching the changes in him.

Charlie dog seems to be getting more neurotic. His poor behaviour is pretty intolerable sometimes! Between barking, chewing things and peeing on the floor, he's lucky that Andy and I are the type of people to commit to a pet for life, because I think a lot of people would have hung a 'free to a good home' sign around his neck and set him loose by now! Maybe one of these days when we have lots of money we'll invest in some training for the little beast. We certainly don't know what to do with him!!

Then there's Buddy. Good old Yellow Buddy. Yellow through and through. Buddy is afraid to climb the companionway, he's afraid of being picked up, and he's afraid of Henry. A gentle soul, Buddy is the best kind of friend, he listens well, is ever present, and gives you unconditional love. There is a sign on the PawsWay next door that says, "I strive to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am." Too true.

I can't wait for the rain to stop. It has only been one day and I'm already tired of wet dogs, wet strollers, and feeling couped up. Rain, rain go away.


  1. Good to get an update.
    We are in Tennessee now to check on Moms and do taxes. We'll be heading back down to Marathon Thursday.
    Come back down.
    Wm and Judy

  2. Miss you guys! We can't wait to come back. Unfortunately it won't be soon enough!

    Enjoy Marathon. Wish we were there. :)