Friday, September 18, 2009

Me and my Henry

Henry and I are really getting into a rhythm. This age is such a pleasure. I know when he's tired, hungry, bored, clingy or adventurous. I feel that we've come to know each other well enough for me to meet his needs effectively, even though he can't yet tell me what they are in words. It's wonderful.

I've learned that when he starts to pull his hair and rub his eyes it's time for bed. If he wakes up crying, I should soothe him back to sleep, because until he wakes up happy, he's still tired! I've learned that he has a certain whininess when he's hungry. I've also learned that once he has laid eyes on his bottle the wait for it to warm up is excruciating for him!! He has needy times of the day when I'm really best to tote him around. He also has a lot of independence, especially in the morning before his first nap, when he's quite content to play alone on the floor. Henry's best days have just the right combination of time spend out and about, and time spent peacefully and quietly at home. He's a great kid.

Lately Henry's separation anxiety has reached a fever pitch! I can't be out of sight for more than a minute. I think this is a particularly difficult stage for Henry because having lived on the boat he has been with us constantly. He has met a lot of people along the way and seems to have good social skills as long as I'm within reach. As with all stages of babyhood, I know that this too shall pass.
It's amazing how much babies change as they grow. Every day is full of new discoveries for them, including their discovery of themselves.

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