Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost Ready!

Things always take longer than expected. Especially on a boat!! We are, however, almost ready to go! Hooray!!!

Living at Cut's Edge Marina has been less than ideal. We have been here because it is easy for Andy to work on the boat here, and they had done the bottom job on Sassy II over the winter. There are two issues with living aboard here. Number one is the bugs. I've learned from the locals that they are called no-see-um, I'm not sure how to spell that one, but the pronounciation is exactly why they are such pests!! You don't see them until they've taken a big, painful bite out of you! They are about the size of a grain of pepper, they live in the mangrove trees that surround us here, and their bites leave big, itchy welts! They are noticable during the day, but watch out at dusk, you'll get 15 bites before you step off the boat. They swarm you!! The second issue here is that there are no facilities. They have an outdoor restroom with a toilet and sink, but only cold running water and no shower facilities. We have made due on the boat, with sponge baths, and the occasional use of other marina's facilities. It isn't ideal.

So I am more than ready to get this adventure underway!! I am both nervous and excited. I really don't know what to expect.

I have been getting a lot of sea-sickness advice from the seasoned sailors we've become friends with at Twin Dolphin Marina. Our friend Melinda donated a bottle of ginger pills to my cause. It has also been suggested that the electronic sea bands are well worth the investment, so we're going to get me a pair. My tendency towards sea-sickness will be our biggest obstacle, so we'll do whatever works to overcome it.

Henry was a little cranky for a few weeks as he has been teething, but all in all he has been a real trooper. It turns out that he had good reason to be a little cranky, as he cut his two bottom front teeth at once! They are through now, and he is getting more predictable. We took him for his four month checkup and immunization visit at a pediatrician here in Bradenton. The appointment went well. He barely noticed the shots, and giggled at the doctor while she wiggled his hips to check his joints. He is 17lbs, 6oz!!!! Quite a big boy! He sat up for her, and she was quite impressed, remarking that the reflex to support himself sitting normally develops at about six months of age. That's our boy! We're so proud.

So, hopefully we will set sail this week. We have said most of our goodbyes to our local friends, so it is time to go! I'll keep you posted!

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