Sunday, November 27, 2011


We let Henry decide what to dress as for Hallowe'en, and then go about putting together a homemade costume. This has been great fun, and his firefighter costume last year was a big success! This year Henry decided to be Bob the Builder, and so we gathered up his toy tools, toolbelt and most builder like clothes and found our only purchase needed to be a hardhat. I searched high and low for a hardhat throughout October, and finally found one at A Buck or Two! So for only $2.00 our little builder was all set!
We Trick or Treated on the island again this year, but changed our strategy a little. In the past we have done our rounds on Wards Island. They go all out for Hallowe'en, decorating their houses and wearing costumes to give out candy. Unfortunately boat loads of kids come over from the city and so Wards Island is overrun with kiddies!! Algonquin Island, on the other hand, is far enough from the ferry docks that the city kids don't know it's there. Our neighbours on Algonquin were thrilled to see Henry, and gave him the royal treatment! They told him how great he looked, and gave him oodles of candy! Our friend Dawn went so far as to give Henry all of the Smarties in her bowl, since Smarties are his very favourite!!
We had a wonderful time, and the ten houses he visited before he tuckered out yeilded more than enough Hallowe'en candy to see him through until Christmas.

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