Sunday, April 25, 2010

Island Bound

Time is flying by. It really seems that the older I get the faster the days, weeks and months go.

Henry is 15 months old. He has a great sense of humour and a lot of energy!! I am really enjoying his developing language skills. His vocabulary has expanded to include about 20 words, and his expressive nature means that we are rarely left guessing at what he means. I loved the baby stage, but toddlerhood thus far has proven to be even more enjoyable.

My weight loss challenge has been a success thus far. At our official measurement and weigh-in April 15th I had lost 6 lbs, an inch off of my waist and half an inch from my bust and hips. If I can do the same again by May 15th I will have met my goal to reach my pre-pregnancy size.

The weather has been gorgeous this month. Henry and I are playing outside more and more. He loves the great outdoors! Being the clever little lad that he is, Henry has finally decided that it's a good idea to keep hats and sunglasses on outside too!

Our friend Kim invited us out for an afternoon at Riverdale Park and Zoo with her three month old daughter Sarah. What a great day!! I had no idea this little treasure was buried in the concrete jungle. We had a wonderful time, Henry loved the freedom to run and got a real kick out of the animals that we'd only read about until now. Thanks Kim!

We have officially moved back to the island for the summer. We came over on Friday and enjoyed the weekend at the much more enjoyable island pace. I will miss the convenience of living cityside, but the tranquility of island life makes up for it ten-fold.

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