Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Henry's first Hallowe'en was quite memorable! We got him a Tigger costume and planned to Trick-or-Treat on the island.

We had been sick with the flu for a couple of weeks, so our nap routine is still a little off. Henry missed his afternoon nap altogether. At 6:00pm we figured it was time for the wee ones to start the rounds, so we put our little Tigger in his stroller and got set to head out. Five steps down the side walk he fell asleep! We didn't even get to the first house.

Not to be deterred, Andy and I took Henry around to our friends' house. Whit and Ally live on Ward's island, and are always very happy to see Henry, especially Whit. So we arrived at their door to a warm welcome and a chuckle about our sleeping Tigger. Whit had made a big pot of Chili, so he offered to feed us while we waited for Henry to awaken. About an hour later after a great visit and a few beers our Trick-or-Treater was ready to go.

Whit came out with us, being a lifelong islander, and gave us the tour. We went to about 10 houses. Henry was quite taken with the decorations and the Jack-O-Lanterns. The island folk go all out for Hallowe'en, some of the grown-ups even dress up to hand out the candy. Ally was a lovely beauty queen, 'Miss Behavin'!

We finished our rounds visiting Bob, the Tender Captain, at his son's house. All in all we had a wonderful first Hallowe'en. When we got back to the boat Henry surveyed his loot, and we let him eat his first peice of licorice. The chocolate and bubblegum I'm afraid we'll have to eat ourselves.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Hallowe'en!

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